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           Welcome to Ibubesi Tours

Our Expert Consultants take the guesswork out of planning your journey. Our advice is based on first-hand experience; and our recommendations are tried-and-tested, with tailor-made itineraries designed to cater for your specific requirements. We produce virtual Itineraries that can be viewed on your computer, tablet or phone at any time giving you all the information you need about your journey at your fingertips.

Ibubesi Tours is a company that provides tours to the Kruger National Park. The Kruger has always been a passion of ours and after all the years visiting the Kruger we decided it is time to start our own company that could provide budget to mid range tour’s.

Ibubesi Tours is owned by Paulo and Sally De Bastos. A family business with a passion for the Kruger. We might be a small tour operator, but we make up for our service and value for money tours.

Ibubesi Tours dedicated staff will insure that you will be satisfied with just the best service that you can expect from a touring company, we always will make sure that our tourists will leave with more than just a smile. From enquiring for your unforgettable experience, to the day that we bid you farewell and a speedy come back, our friendly service and staff will be one of the things well remembered. Be insured that we will always be there to assist you in any which way possible and make sure that you wont be in need of anything. Our tourists don’t have to worry about anything, as we will make sure that you are comfortable in your staying, and making sure that your hunger will be satisfied as well.

We are not only in the business for providing the best quality experience you can relate to, but we want to make lasting friendship and relationships. We also understand the implications of long distance travel, therefor we want to make sure that you don’t have to worry about anything when making a booking with us. Ibubesi Tours main aim is to manage your unforgettable experience to simplify the process of making travel arrangements so that you can enjoy your relaxing time by not having to worry about anything when you arrive at your destination. Our dedicated staff will insure that you have the most relaxing and unforgettable experience and making it last a lifetime. Thank you very much for your valued support. Vision To become the best in the touring environment by providing the best experienced tours available, contributing in making lasting memories for our clients, the tourist. With our dedicated and friendly staff, we know we can offer you our client just the best there is to offer. Mission To offer our clients an unforgettable experience never paralleled before, insuring that satisfaction will spread all over happy faces, making sure that you will come back for more of what we can offer you, our valued customer. We will strive to bring you an unforgettable African experience at the best rates available.

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